Visualising Information for Advocacy was written by Tactical Technology Collective. We are an international NGO dedicated to the use of information in activism. We focus on the use of data, design and technology in campaigning through our Evidence & Action programme and on helping activists understand and manage their digital security and privacy risks through our Privacy & Expression programme.We also provide services through our creative agency for advocacy, Tactical Studios. 
We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the people we have interviewed or otherwise asked for help in the creation of this book.

These include:
Ahmed Barclay, Andy Bichlbaum, Chipo Mhike, Christine Kwangari, Crofton Black, Daniel D’Esposito, David Taylor, Eric King, Ethan Roeder, Eva Vozarova, Grace Lile, Icaro Doria, Jestina Mukoko, Kamel Makhloufi, Kersten Nolte, Leo Bonanni, Lydia Medland, Mathieu Boche, Michael Flynn, Mikel Maron, Paul Radu, Patrick Ball, Sally Jean Shackleton, Sam Smith, Sami Ben Gharbia, Shamiso Makande, Susan Middleton, Sushant Sinha, Tim Davies, Trevor Paglen, Yvonne Ng and Zainab Bawa.

Concept and creative direction:

Stephanie Hankey and Marek Tuszynski

Writing and research:

Stephanie Hankey, Tom Longley, Marek Tuszynski and Maya Indira Ganesh.

Design and layout:

Erika Koutny
Cover design and illustrations:
Julia Guther

Image treatment:

Giulia d’Amici

Copy editing:

Caroline Kraabel

Production Management:

Lucinda Linehan

Production and research support:

Mathilde Baker, Lisa Gutermuth, Helen Kilbey, Emma Prest, David Timothy and everyone else at Tactical Tech for their support, encouragement and patience.


Precision Fototype Services, Halasuru, Bangalore


The research, testing, development, writing and production of this guide was made possible thanks to the support of Information Program of the Open Society Foundations.

With additional support from:

Hivos, Oak Foundation and the Sigrid Rausing Trust.

We would also like to thank our funders and partners who have supported the projects which enabled the
development and testing of the ideas within this guide and who have provided support for translations, including IDRC, Indigo Trust and the Ford Foundation.

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